Blog Challenges

Blog Challenges

Here you will find the various blog challenges I have tried over the years. Whether you like to write or take photo’s there should be something to suit everyone! Check them out and get involved! Just click the links below to find out more information on each one! 

Just Starting

30 Day About Me Challenge – A challenge where your audience gets to learn more about you, you might even learn something new about yourself!

Writing Challenge’s

Post A Day/Week – A challenge where you post every day or on a weekly basis using prompts given by The Daily Post! This could be you writing a post on the topic, a poem, a song, take a photo or even draw something. Your imagination and creativity will surely flow with this one!

Photography Challenges

Project 365 – A daily photography challenge! The idea is you take a photo every day of the small things that matter in your life. At the end of the year they will make a big picture of your year and the things that made it special.

Anytime I find something new I will add it to the above list. If you know of a challenge that people might want to try add it to the comments below!

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