About MintedMoose

About MintedMoose

About MintedMoose

About MintedMoose: Hi and welcome! My real name is Emma, However if you have seen the name MintedMoose online you have probably ran across me in some form. I live within England, United Kingdom. Also extremely happy in my relationship with my partner Michelle. My identity is Demisexual which is on the Asexual spectrum. I also work the night shift full-time within a food warehouse. In my spare time I love gaming and having random road trips and outings with my other half!

Loves and Hates?

Things I Love:

  • Pizza and Burgers.
  • Spending time with family and friends.
  • Gaming – Just for fun!.
  • Listening to loud cheesy music.
  • My cats.
  • Getting tattooed.
  • Sleeping.
  • Random Road Trips.
  • Smell of books.

Things I hate:

  • Spiders.
  • Heights.
  • Needles.
  • Not being asleep.
  • Snow and Ice.
  • Not having “me” time.

The History

About MintedMoose
Me age about 16

I started blogging from the age of 15 just for fun. Age of 16 I progressed to college – College generally means late classes with lots of alcohol! I was studying electronics and was the only girl on the course with about 10 guys that regularly had liquid lunches. When I was 18 something traumatic happened and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  From here I started blogging to raise awareness of mental health issues within young people. During this time I entered into a relationship, drinking progressed to drugs to deal with the depression. In 2010 and after 4 years of being in an abusive relationship, not working and being dependent on drugs and alcohol I decided to get clean. Christmas Eve my partner left me and I was the victim of a hit and run. 2011 rolled around and I was offered a job in Italy for 3 months.

About MintedMoose
Me and Michelle


Fast forwarding to now – I have been clean and sober since that break up, there have been times I have nearly fallen off the wagon but thankfully I’m still beating it. I now work full-time for a company and boss I have the up most respect for. I am in a relationship with my partner Michelle who I love dearly. Along with great relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Most of my time is either filled up with working, being with Michelle or being geeky where I do random streams. I do my gaming purely for fun and to meet new people. I am not a professional by a long shot but do enjoy sharing my gaming adventures.

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