Day 140: Flashlight

Day 140: Flashlight

Day 140: Flashlight
Day 140: Flashlight

I can’t seem to stop listening to country music. Recently I have developed a love for Hunter Hayes a young country singer from the states. I had a moment of softness today when listening to this song and thinking of Michelle. When everything in life seems dark, Michelle is definitely my flashlight.

Its called Flashlight by Hunter Hayes.

I get lost sometimes, like everybody else,
Lose track of my lifelines, lose track of myself, 
And there’s all kinds of reasons to be scared and run away. It’s a sunrise from a lonely night
Like a smile in a stranger’s eyes
It’s the moments that save my life,
nobody knows about like flashlights
there’s just enough hope when it shines,
to go one scared step at a time
When the world’s too dark I find, your flashlight

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