Photo Challenge 2018: Tour Guide

Photo Challenge 2018: Tour Guide

Strangely I was going through some old photos of when me and Michelle went to Warwick Castle and thought it would be great to use them on this post. The only downside however is that I am not from Warwick. However I live nearby in a town called Tamworth. I love wandering around castles and taking in the history. I love that feeling of being transported back in time.

Photo Challenge 2018: Tour Guide - Warwick Castle 2017
Photo Challenge 2018: Tour Guide – Warwick Castle 2017

As you enter the grounds you can immediately see the walls protecting the castle itself. if you arrive early enough there is a chance you will catch an archer practicing his aim just outside the walls. You can just about see him and the target in the image. We decided to take the plunge and attempt to climb the 530 steps to the top of the walls. However due to them renovating the tower we weren’t able to go all the way to the top. We were able to travel through all the ramparts on the walls though. Even from the walls you can get some amazing images of the surrounding areas.

Once you start wandering around the castle grounds you can see all the wildlife there. They have birds of prey that do regular flight shows. Peacocks that roam the grounds. Plus the many stuffed animals within the castle itself. Summer is probably the best time to go when they have all the shows on such as the trebuchet, jousting and sword fights in the main grounds. However you can still get some amazing images and a great experience whatever time of year you go. 

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