Photo Challenge 2018: Beloved

Photo Challenge 2018: Beloved

As soon as I saw the theme for this one I instantly knew it was time to completely embarrass the other half Michelle. Michelle is my beloved partner. Definitely one of my most loved people along with the members of my family.


Me and Michelle have been together for a little over a year. To be honest I have no idea how she has put up with me for so long. When we got together I figured she would get bored with me pretty quickly or we would fizzle out as we have such different interests. I am very much an indoor person. I will happily stay at home and watch movies and game until I pass out. Michelle is very much more of an outdoor person and very active. However with each passing day we grow stronger and stronger.

The reason I chose the picture below is because it shows a side not many people see of her. When I first met her at work I thought she was moody and pretty stubborn. I also thought she was a jobs-worth as she was very by the book. I learnt very quickly that she had lots of walls and barriers which was natural for somebody who had probably been hurt in the past.

This photo was taken when we had a road trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour near London. We went out for dinner on the night and I was messing with the camera on my phone and somehow snapped this delightful image of her. I think it shows her fun, joking, hair down sides. Generally sides you wont get to see until you have broken down those tough barrier walls.

Photo Challenge 2018: Beloved -Michelle

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