Day 027: Stratford Butterfly Farm, UK

Day 027: Stratford Butterfly Farm,UK

Today has been a good day, it was the first day date of the year for me and Michelle. For the first time in a few weeks we actually have the same day off so we made plans to disappear to the butterfly farm. I was meant to drive but Michelle drove instead, I paid though for entrance and dinner so I guess we’re even. It was really nice for us both to get out and play with our cameras to be honest. Until we found a water feature where we then started competing to take the best photo with flowing water.

We also popped out to a local restaurant for something to eat. We went to a place called Cox’s Yard. It was quiet and relaxed in there. We ordered our food, both ordered some form of a burger and were very surprised to find it arrived like this…

Day 027: Butterfly Farm
Day 027: Butterfly Farm

Our burgers arrived with a black bun. In England this isn’t a normal occurrence. I instantly went onto google to find out more about this and apparently this originated in Japan. They would dye the burgers using squid ink. When asking the waiter about it he confirmed this but stated here they just use food dye. I was suddenly very excited and then depressed within seconds.

When we got home, as it was raining we had a lazy day. I got talked into watching Mamma Mia… Not my highlight of the day!

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