Photo Challenge 2018: Growth

Photo Challenge 2018: Growth

This week’s Photo Challenge topic is growth. With us recently celebrating the new year I think it’s a time where we all start thinking about things. The new beginnings of things like friendships and relationships but also we think about ones that have ended. We look back at where we were a few years ago to how far we have come to today.

I purchased this when I worked in my old workplace. It has been in the house for over 3 years. I saw it today and its the first time I’ve noticed it in years to be honest. It has lost it’s leaves in winter and is now preparing to sprout its new spring foliage. Seeing it got me thinking about what I have achieved over the last 10 years.

I am now 30 years old when writing this and in the last 10 years I have tackled some huge obstacles during my journey.

  • Mental Health: This is always going to be an ongoing thing. But when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder with anxiety I could not see any light from it. 10 years later I’m finally smiling and beating it.
  • Alcohol: During my teens I started drinking and developed a nasty problem. Today I am celebrating entering into my eighth year sober.
  • Drugs: I also developed a nasty problem with Cannabis and Ecstasy. Again I am now entering my eighth year clean of any such chemicals.

It isn’t until you notice something or somebody mentions something you realise how far you have come. I had an amazing lazy day yesterday with my partner and she mentioned to me something she noticed about me.

In the last couple of months you haven’t had any severe depressive episodes.

I never noticed this if I’m honest. But thinking about it Michelle is right. Lately I have been really happy. My relationships with friends and family are great. I have a job I love along with amazing colleagues. I have a great relationship with Michelle and its only going from strength to strength.

Just like the bonsai tree is preparing for spring, i’m getting prepared for the coming year and the journey ahead of me!

2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge 2018: Growth”

  1. Huge congrats on 8 years of sobriety! January 7th I celebrated 6 months. I’m free!! Love your bonsai tree! I had no idea they lost their leaves. It’s beautiful that way in the sense that it allows you to see the intricacy of its real form! Happy New Year!

    1. Congratulations to you too. I found the first year was the hardest of them all. Honestly I’m not sure if it has lost its leaves or if it is dead lol I’m hoping it just lost it’s leaves though lol either way I guess it’s a sign of the times… Letting go of the past and looking forward to the future. Happy new year to you too xXx

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