30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 11

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 11

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 11 – Dream Job? I am incredibly lucky because I feel like I am already in my dream job. Currently I work as a what my employer likes to call a Training Champion. I am responsible for training out the processes and procedures to new starters, refreshing and up skilling current employee’s.


When I was little I always dreamed about fun and exciting jobs like most kids, it was normally joining the army and playing with guns. As I got older and was about to leave high school we had a career talk where we did various tests. Every test I took resulted in me teaching or coaching people and I always though no chance… me teach people? I don’t have the patience to teach myself let alone others. Also according to various sites as a Leo one of my perfect careers is teaching. Over the years I have tried various roles. Forklift Operator, Picker, Packer, Machine Operator, Retail Assistant, Customer Service Adviser. I even went on to further education at college with electronics and doing various NVQ’s in the workplace. But in those roles there was never any chance for progression or to go further. Almost three years ago I moved out of retail and went back to warehouse work. Little did I know it would progress into what it has. 


30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 11
One of the trainee’s wanted a selfie at the end of the week!

Life as a Training Champion…

My employer is better than most. We are not warehouse operatives – we are personal shopper’s! I am not simply a trainer – I am a training champion! This is because myself and my colleagues are considered champions and specialists of all roles within our area’s. We are responsible for training pretty much everyone in the warehouse in updated processes and new processes. 

I get to meet people from all different faiths, religions, backgrounds, races and from all over the world. This can have it’s challenge’s, especially when you are deciding if they have a job or not. The biggest challenge I had was probably a woman from overseas and her English wasn’t amazing but she understood what I was saying. As the week went on I went backwards and forwards in my head on passing or failing due to language issues. I took a chance and I passed her on her training. Six months later and her English is amazing and she was telling me all about her family and holiday she recently had. I had somebody randomly ask me if I remembered completing her induction. It was hard to forget as it isn’t everyday somebody tells you they were bitten by a squirrel. They went on to tell me since then she has been trained on dock doors, PPT’s, Inventory and Inbound Office. They went on to thank me because it was my talk during the induction about progression that made her want to develop herself. That is the reason I do this! 

Fun Times…

But as with most jobs there is always some room to have fun and a laugh whilst working. As you can imagine the role can be fast paced and stressful so we need to have some fun sometimes. Enjoy some of the images we took last Christmas!

Idea taken from the 30 Day About Me Challenge!

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