30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 10

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 10

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 10 – Timeline of the day: Well as it is a Sunday in December that must mean it is a work night for new starter training!

I left for work at about 17:00. I don’t start officially until 19:30 but I need to get to work early to spend time with Michelle. I normally spend her last break with her and will just relax with people until she finishes at 18:30. I’ll say goodbye and then head upstairs to start prepping paperwork for the night. The rest of the night will be filled with various induction items, operational training and a couple of breaks somewhere in between. Along with lots of socializing with the team too! The final part of the night will conclude with paperwork and my drive home at 05:30. 

I will literally go straight to bed to sleep when I get home. Ready to get up at 14:00 to get ready for work and start my day all over again. Depending on if Michelle is working the next day she may or may not be at mine in the morning for a quick hello.

Idea taken from the 30 Day About Me Challenge!

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