30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 09

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 09

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 09 – What is in my handbag? As you can imagine I am not the type to walk around with a handbag. On rare occasions I will be seen either with a backpack or my camera bag but more often than not I will keep everything in my pockets. Here are the items you are most likely to find on me… 

1 – My Phone: I will no doubt always have my phone on me but not for the usual reasons of contact or Facebook. I see every moment ans a photo opportunity. I love taking photos to remember that moment in time. But I guess it is a bonus if people can contact me.

2 – Wallet: My wallet pretty much goes wherever I go! It has my cards, licence and sometimes money in it. Mostly so that whenever I am out with Michelle I can annoy her with buying lunch 🙂

3 – Painkillers: Due to my various medical conditions, especially my Plantar Fasciitis I will probably have painkillers on me. This is a condition where the ligament in the sole of your foot gets inflamed and makes it very painful to walk on. It is most painful first thing in the morning and I have to wear 3 pairs of socks just to try to cope with it. Due to this I will always have a strip of painkillers on me. 

4 – Keys: If I have driven to wherever we are going I will have my keys with me. If I don’t drive then I wont bother as Michelle will have the keys.

5 – DSLR Camera: If it is a random road trip with Michelle I will possibly have my camera with me. As previously mentioned I love taking photo’s of places we have visited to remember the moment.


6 – Pens: If you find me at work then I am bound to have my pockets filled with pens. Normally a ballpoint with a touchscreen stylus, a marker and a regular ballpoint pen.

7 – More Work!: Also if I am at work then I should have my safety gloves and knife too.

Idea taken from the 30 Day About Me Challenge!

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