30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 08

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 08

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 08 – If I won the lottery… If I won the lottery I would definitely do the usual spending spree, but I like to think I would be quite sensible too. Here is a list of things I would do if I won the lottery..

1 – The first thing I would do is an adult one. I would pay off the mortgage on my house. That way I don’t have to worry about the house, just the small bills. 

2 – Buy a new car – Since Michelle has changed from her Mini to a Nissan Juke I have wanted a big car. I originally got a Ford Fiesta as it was about the same size as the car I learnt to drive in. It was easy for my mom and Stepdad to get in and out of so I could take them shopping or anywhere they needed to go. It was also cheap on tax etc. But recently I keep eyeing up big cars like Qashqai’s and Kuga’s. Winning the lottery would mean going to my local dealer and having my car built the way that I want it. I might even get Michelle a new one!

Fun Things

3 – Next would be home renovations. A lot of redecorating of the rooms and definitely a new kitchen as my brother left it half-finished. I would turn the spare room into a sort of office/gaming room. My mom has always wanted fitted wardrobes so that would be done and I would get my room finished with some display cabinets for the amount of statures and figures I have from collector edition games.

4 – Holiday time! Myself and Michelle have been talking about holidays recently so I think a holiday is definitely needed. I would book us a flight somewhere, spend some time there before moving on to the next country. Keep going like that until we are ready to come home.

5 – Put some away! I would put some money away, just for a rainy day. Along with some money for my nieces and nephews so they have something for when they are older.

6 – I would do something for those who have supported me and been there for me during my darkest times. My best friend, brothers. See what I can do to help them out of their troubles.

7 – Charity! I do like to do some things for charity. Completing runs in funny outfits. helping out around the homes etc. I would definitely donate some to charities I care about.

8 – Naturally I would blow a load of cash on things such as a new TV, Gaming consoles and PC, New clothing etc. But that’s pretty standard I think.

Idea taken from the 30 Day About Me Challenge!

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