30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 05

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 05

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 05

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 05 – OOTD My Outfit of the Day! This one is going to be really boring as I’m at work tonight. But as you can see below this is what I will be wearing… as soon as I get out of bed that is!

My uniform reminds me entirely of a Twister Ice Lollipop! We have neon green baseball shirts which have a grey collar and cuff. Then a neon green sweatshirt again with a grey collar and cuff. Our trousers are just plain grey but with lots of pockets. despite not being able to see it in the image I also have some brown safety boots too…. fashionable yet protective! I also have to wear a green vest, due to being a trainer. It lets people know they can approach me with any questions or problems they may have.

Outside of work my clothing tends to be more casual. If I’m not going anywhere then I will lounge at home in jogging pants and a sweatshirt. If I have to go out I’m more of a smart casual person. Jeans with a nice top and jumper. But I am forever in trainers! Shoes are just for special occasions.

What is your outfit of the day?

Idea taken from the 30 Day About Me Challenge!

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