30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 04

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 04

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 04 – Childhood Stories: This next topic should be a good one. Mostly because whenever this subject comes up at home my mom always shares one particular story about me!

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 04
Baby Moose!

I don’t like bugs!

When I was younger, The children in my street were very close. We were pretty much family with the amount of time we spent together. There was one time where my best friends mother took us all to Twycross Zoo and it was a really good day out. However when sitting down for lunch one of the lads had pretty much just hit puberty and doused himself in aftershave. Naturally this attracted all the bugs, particularly wasp’s and bee’s. I don’t like bugs, insects anything like that. I stood up trying to shake one away and it wouldn’t leave me alone. In fact it started to chase me! I started running away constantly watching this wasp! Before I knew it I was on my arse after running head first into a tree!

Hard Head

This story is probably going to explain why I am so weird most of the time. When I was in high school I joined the drama club and I really enjoyed it. We were put into groups once and we had to write and perform our own play. We did the writing and during the rehearsal I was pretending to run. Somehow I ran head first into a white board and dropped straight on my ass. I didn’t even get to finish as the school phoned my brother to get me and take me to hospital. I guess it explains my weirdness though!

Thunder Pants

The final story is my mothers favorite and there is no way to sugar coat it or make it sound cute and sweet. When I was very small, my mother bathed me at the end of the night and was getting me ready for bed. She put on my socks and my knickers then when about to put my top on I farted, I let rip… doing so I managed to blow a hole in my knickers! Something I have never been able to live down!

What is your favorite childhood story?

Idea taken from the 30 Day About Me Challenge!

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