Post A Day/Week

Post A Day/Week

The Post A Day/Week challenge is made up by The Daily Post! This is a great challenge to start getting used to posting either every day or every week! You can take a look at their page for all the information you need at The Daily Post!

Everyone will have a writer’s block moment where they just don’t know what to write. If that happens The Daily Post can give you a topic to kick-start your creative flow. When writing on that topic you post whatever you want – a poem you wrote, a photo that was inspired by the prompt etc. By using trackbacks and pingbacks you can also find like-minded people to follow and share your blog with.

Why you should do it:

  • The beauty of this one is it allows you to post anything and everything.
  • Makes it easy finding new followers and friends because of how many people take part.
  • Easily attract more traffic to your blog.
  • Helps you stay on track with your blogging goals.
  • Provide badges to show off on your blog.

Those of you who have personal goals like posting every day or every week are invited to take part in our ongoing Postaday project to stay motivated and focused.

Post A Day/Week
They also provide badges to add to your site to show participation